Sydney founded Slanted Light in 2007 when Elon Musk asked him to help out at a critical phase in Tesla’s history and growth. Since then, he has gone on to work with Sir Richard Branson, Pierre Omidyar, Stephen Hawking and a host of other strategic and business visionaries. He has a passion for helping leaders of all kinds to realize the potential of the companies and organizations they lead.

Sydney’s drive is to understand the key human elements that allow for growth, innovation, and genuine transformation. In that pursuit he has interviewed thousands of people around the world covering all walks of life. He has presented his ideas and insights to top performing companies and venture capitalists. He also serves as Slanted Light’s Film Director, a craft he has fine- tuned over the last ten years working on a range of documentaries.

Sydney grew up around the world, living in Johannesburg, Singapore, Hong Kong, Miami, New York, Chicago, and San Francisco, where he now lives. He attended Sarah Lawrence College and delivered its 2015 Convocation Speech. He is an avid athlete, Ancient Greek enthusiast, and musician.